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Industrija mesa Topola DOO jedan je od vodećih proizvođača mesa i proizvoda od mesa u Srbiji i regionu Jugoistočne Evrope već duži niz godina. Kompanija ima zaokružen proces proizvodnje, “od njive do trpeze”.
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Izletnicka Sausage

By quality Izletnicka sausage is among the leaders in the group to which semi- dry fermented sausages belong

This unique flavor characteristic sausage product is made from carefully selected raw materials subjected to lengthy ripening, resulting in high protein content and nutritional value. The manufacture method of this product has been patented.

Kulen Sausage

Hot flavored sausage Kulen was made on the basis of tradition sausage production in Vojvodina with the use of modern technological solutions.

It belongs to a group of dry fermented sausages, and it is produced from carefully selected raw materials originating exclusively from our farms.

Cajna Sausage

Cajna Sausage is the best selling representative from the group of dry fermented sausages

Cajna sausage with its characteristics has deserved the flattering, but also binding title the “Best of Vojvodina”.

Njegus Sausage

Njegus sausage is just only one of many products which originate from the work of experts from the Meat Industry Topola

In appearance and taste Njeguška sausage resembles the traditional products of our region. The production process of this product has also been patented.



fertile arable land



Cold storage capacity


fattening pigs from our farms

Per year



of successful work

Allergen and Gluten free

In March 2008, following modern trends and demands in terms of product quality led the expert management team of the Meat Industry “Topola” to transfer to the production of gluten-free and allergen free products. . The full range of meat products in this way become available to those consumers who are sensitive to additives used in the food industry. This step is yet another proof that the company focuses on the highest achieved level of quality of their products to the ever increasing number of consumers.


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